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Family Law Representation in Florida

Skilled. Experienced. Affordable.

My Philosophy

My years and experience litigating has shown me negotiation and settlement should always be the primary objective, a principle installed in me by my father. Through diligent advocacy, I've consistently secured favorable outcomes for my clients, reinforcing my commitment to serving their best interests. I recognize the importance of recent technological developments in streamlining the legal process for the benefit of both the firm and the client.


My goal is to deliver exceptional representation without compromising your peace of mind or finances, ensuring that every client receives the highest level of service without concern of financial ruin.

Why Choose Me

Your trust in me to safeguard your family's future is my priority

I understand the financial strain that legal proceedings can bring, which is why I'm committed to challenging the traditional model of legal representation. At Castrovinci Law, I leverage technology and efficient resources to provide top-tier representation at a reduced cost. My approach prioritizes using your resources solely to advance your case, without unnecessary expenses or excessive charges. Your trust in me to safeguard your family's future is my priority.  I strive to prevent financial concerns from hindering your access to quality legal support by offering multiple payment options including financing to assist you in your Dissolution of Marriage, Paternity, Child or Spousal Support, timesharing, or other related family law issues.

Latest Insights

Contact me today for your FREE consultation to discuss how Castrovinci Law, PLLC may be able to help you during your difficult time.

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